Protect Your Home From Heavy Winds and Storms

Set up new storm doors in Sidney, ME

By making sure you have sturdy storm doors on your mobile home, you can keep yourself and your property safe. Affordable Manufactured Homes of Maine Parts and Service provides storm doors to mobile home owners throughout the area. You can rest assured that your new storm doors will keep you safe and sound during any type of storm.

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Update your mobile home with new windows

Update your mobile home with new windows

In addition to storm doors, we can also take care of exterior window installations. By putting in new exterior windows, we can brighten the appearance of your home and make it safer.

We have access to a variety of different manufacturers, so your options are wide open. We offer interior and exterior doors and windows. Let us know what you're interested in.

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How To Measure for a Door

THERE ARE 3 CRITICAL measurements: Width, height and if it is a combo door, the jamb width (thickness). With combo doors, the jamb measurement is critical. This measurement is the thickness of the wall (see measuring guide). Earlier homes built used a 4” jamb while newer homes can vary from 6” to even 6 ½” thick.

All mobile homes door sizes are based on “rough opening” or RO. When you remove the door and measure the opening, this will give you the “rough opening” or RO. Typically these numbers will be slightly larger than the “Call Size” of the door to allow the door to be shimmed to plumb and level. For example, once door is removed and you measure the opening at 32 ½ wide x 76 ½ tall, you would order a 32x76 door. If the door cannot be removed, the best way to size it would be to remove the interior trim and measure the door WITH THE SIDE JAMBS then add ½”. This will give you the call size for width and height.

The actual door assembly sometimes called “Buck Size” will measure slightly smaller than the call size to allow for adjustments.

Hand or Hinge? Which way does the door open?

Standing on the OUTSIDE of the home, which side are the hinges on? If they are on the left side, you have a LEFT HAND DOOR. On the right? You have a RIGHT HAND DOOR.

How to measure windows:

Measure Width & Height. Mobile home windows are based on “call size”. Typically, the RO (rough opening) is ¼” to ½” larger in width and height to allow for adjustment to achieve setting the window plumb in the opening. Always measure from inside your home and measure frame to frame (call size). Do NOT include the flange.

There are several factors to determine the correct window.

Do you need a:

Flush mounted vertical sliding aluminum – Made with an aluminum frame, mounts directly to the outside and has a fixed upper sash, a lower sliding sash that slides vertically with a built in screen in the lower section.

Flush mounted horizontal sliding aluminum – Made with an aluminum frame, mounts directly to the outside of the home. Available in limited sizes.

Self-Storing interior storm – This window provides improved sealing and energy efficiency when added to flush mounted window (above).

Vinyl windows – Higher energy efficiency. These windows mount to the exterior of the home and feature double paned insulated glass.

Skylights- Easy and quick to install. Reliable waterproof installation, Polycarbonate-impact resistant.

THERE ARE 2 CRITICAL measurements: