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Turn to us for plumbing parts for your mobile home in Sidney, ME

Maintaining the plumbing in your mobile home is important. A minor problem can swiftly become a huge catastrophe. Affordable Manufactured Homes of Maine Parts and Service can provide you any plumbing parts you need.
You can trust us to offer:

Heat Tape and plugs

Bathroom sink and shower sales and parts

Kitchen sink sales and parts

Water heater sales and parts

Furnace repair parts 

Contact us today to request the hard to find plumbing parts in Sidney, ME.

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Stay comfortable with a properly maintained furnace

Stay comfortable with a properly maintained furnace

You can order water heaters, connectors and furnaces from us. We have all the necessary supplies to make sure your mobile home is as comfortable as possible. You won't have to suffer through a cold winter in your home if we have anything to say about it.

Call now to ask about weatherizing your home in Sidney, ME.